Make your holidays truly funtastic.

Don't want to lie on the beach the whole week? Want to be active, explore, learn, experience and have an unforgettable time? Great, welcome to the club! 


Sailing Trips

Scream of joy and feel the adrenaline rush.
Or take it easy and discover the lovely islands nearby.
Tell us your wishes and see them come true.

Let's sail together!



Become a windsurfer in only 2 hours!
Learn how to catch the wind like a pro
or just rent a board and surf into the sunset.

Let's feel the breeze !



Escape the crowds.
The nearest island is just 15 minutes away.
Its beaches, old towns, and tasty secrets await.

Let’s explore!



Discover how it feels to walk on the water.
Try it with your friends, fall into the sea, laugh
and do a cartwheel...if you dare.

Let’s have SUPer fun!

Have a taste of Bluewind Adventures right now: