Do you want to make your vacations really remarkable? Embark on a sailing trip you won't forget.

There are 3 reasons this trip is a unique experience you can't get anywhere else on the Adriatic.


  • You will be sailing on a regatta sailing boat. This racing boat is like a Ferrari among sailing boats. It can actually sail faster than the wind itself. What's even better? You'll be able to steer it and feel how smoothly it responds to your moves.
  • The whole trip is tailored to your desires. You can choose to go as fast as possible, get your adrenaline fix and scream of joy OR you can decide to take it easy and relax at a comfortable speed while listening to the wind and the waves. 
  • The archipelago around Vodice is one of the most diverse and interesting ones in Croatia. Even on the shortest trip, you'll see two traditional Dalmatian island towns - Šepurine and Luka - on the nearby island Prvić, a "floating" fort of St Nikola guarding the city of Šibenik and the serene island Zlarin with its little town. You'll also learn the local secrets from our skipper.

But how much does it cost? Do not worry fellow sea-lover, our sailing trips are as affordable as it gets. Here's our price list, so you can see it for yourself:

* In case there are more than 4 people embarking on the trip we can negotiate a discount.
* 1 €uro equals approximately 7,4 Croatian kunas. For an accurate conversion click here.

* Prices are subject to change without notification. We make all efforts to keep this price list updated, but we reserve the right to use the real prices in case this price list contains errors.

How to book your trip

Are you already itching to set sails, yell AHOY and embark on this fantastic adventure?
Then book your trip! Of course, you can always drop by our Adventure Center in person and make a reservation, but we can be booked for some days in advance during the peak season.

It's better to send us an email to or call us on +385 99 444 88 24 and not lose the chance for an amazing experience.

If you have any questions please check the FAQ under the gallery. If you have any questions that are not listed we'll be happy to answer!


Is your sailing trip suitable for the whole family?

Yes, it most definitely is. It's suitable for both children and adults and often kids are the ones who enjoy it the most.

How can I book if I don't know the wind conditions yet? What if there is no wind?

The wind conditions around Vodice are usually favourable for sailing. Of course, we do check the weather and wind forecast every day and if it looks bad we will get in touch with you to reschedule your trip. That means your reservation is unfortunately not a 100% guarantee that you will sail on that date, but that's how it is when dealing with Mother Nature.

How many people can fit comfortably on your sailing boat?

There is room for 7 guests + a skipper on the sailing boat before it gets too crowded.

Can sailing on a racing boat be dangerous?

No, because we don't sail when the wind is too strong. Even if it suddenly rises during your trip, sails can simply be shortened or taken down and you'll land safe and sound. Don't worry, sailing boats are incredibly safe when handled correctly and they have a heavy stabiliser under the water so they can't just turn around.

Are life jackets provided?

Life jackets are provided for all people on boards.

Can we stop for a swim during the trip?

Not during the two-hour trip, but on both longer ones it can be arranged if you so desire. Please keep in mind that if your skipper decides it's not safe to drop anchor because of the wind your swimming break can be canceled. You know, safety first.

Can we stop for lunch during the trip?

If you book one of the longer trips you can definitely stop for lunch. We can even recommend some wild restaurants that can be reached only by boat!

What should I take with me on the trip?

The two things we strongly advise you to have are sunscreen and water. Because of the wind, sailing can feel really refreshing but that's deceiving. The sun is still there and it will still burn or dehydrate you if you don't take proper care.

What if there is less than 4 of us? Can we still go on a trip?

Yes, you can, but you'll still have to pay the price for 4 people.