Excursion to Prvić

Leave the touristy beaches of Vodice behind and explore the serenity of island Prvić.

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Prvić island from above

How does it work?


350 HRK for up to 5 people
*Price does not depend on the number of people

Why visit Prvić?

When you are looking from the mainland Prvić is right there - so close it seems you can reach out and grab it, yet so different from Vodice. It's a small island with rich history and tradition just waiting to be explored. Instead of electronic beats, you'll experience the smell of pine trees and the sound of crickets.

There are two little towns - Šepurine and Luka - full of dalmatian architecture, charming buildings, and delicious food. There is even a museum of Faust Vrančić, the inventor of the parachute and lots of other things. Along the coast, you can find a local beach or two and a lot of isolated spots which are great for swimming in the crystal clear water.

Don't be surprised if you fall in love with the place. A lot of people started planning their next vacation there as soon as they returned from their excursion.

"Going to Prvić is like taking a vacation while you're already on vacation"

Prvić island bay from above


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