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General information

Did you ever wish to become a windsurfer and blaze around the sea with a big smile on your face? Well, who didn't? It looks so much fun.

But you only have a week or so and it surely takes a lot of time to learn it, right? Wrong. Actually, you can learn all the basics in just 2 hours. Then you can either rent a board and start windsurfing by yourself or take some more lessons to become good really quickly.

How is it possible to learn so fast?

We'll make sure you are safe at all times. And yes you will fall from the board in the beginning, but that's part of the fun! If you already know how to windsurf we also offer a selection of different boards and sails for rent. Our students can rent at discounted rates.

A group of adventurous people learning to windsurf with Bluewind

Price list

2-hour course*
600 HRK / person
*Windsurfing course will be available from 4th of July 2022 onward.
Equipment rental
1 hour
160 HRK
2 hours
280 HRK
Bluewind Adventure instructor teaching the basics of windsurfing on the land


What happens if the wind is too strong or too weak for my lesson?
Is windsurfing equipment included in the price of the course?
How old does a child have to be to learn windsurfing?
Can you guarantee I will be able to windsurf by myself after two hours?
What will I learn during the introduction course?


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