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Escape the crowds! The nearest island is only 20 minutes of paddling away. Crystal clear water, empty beaches, and old-fashioned towns are waiting for you. However paddling to Prvić is not your only option.You can always choose to paddle along Srima or towards the town Tribunj. There are also other islands further away for people that are looking for a challenge.

There are 5 kayak models and together we can find the one that's perfect for you. The vessels for your adventures are:

We will give you the map of the area and tell you where it's safe to pull the kayak out of the water if you'll wish to explore the island. Along with your kayak you will also get a life jacket, a waterproof bag if you need one and a quick but effective lesson on paddling.

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Price list

Single kayak
1 hour
80 HRK
4 hours
200 HRK
8 hours
300 HRK
Double kayak
1 hour
130 HRK
4 hours
300 HRK
8 hours
380 HRK
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