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General information

Do you want to make your vacations really remarkable? Embark on a sailing trip you won't forget. There are 3 reasons this trip is a unique experience you can't get anywhere else on the Adriatic:

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Price list

Sailing trips (4-7 people + skipper)
2-hour trip
230 HRK / person
4-hour trip
430 HRK / person
6-hour trip
600 HRK / person
Note: if there are less than 4 of you, you still have to pay the price for 4 people.
On-board picture of a sailing trip with Bluewind Adventure


Is your sailing trip suitable for the whole family?
How can I book if I don't know the wind conditions yet? What if there is no wind?
How many people can fit comfortably on your sailing boat?
Can sailing on a racing boat be dangerous?
Are life jackets provided?
Can we stop for a swim during the trip?
Can we stop for lunch during the trip?
What should I take with me on the trip?
What if there is less than 4 of us? Can we still go on a trip?


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